How to succeed more

In an age, when people find reading or writing is too hard and the rigorous life is seldom opted for. Among the secrets of the honestly successful person, is the keeping of  journals.

We remember what we write

It’s that simple! We remember what we write. To journal, consider it your life’s script. Best of all, you can edit it.

Invest in your life

Let’s just imagine that the universe is a bank. Just as any bank, it requires us to produce and present a business plan.  The essence of your plan will be the stuff you presently not recording, wasting away in the ether.  Remember your dealing with the universe so flexibility can be key.  That doesn’t mean you should expect the bank/universe to accept your plans at first sight?  The universe will look at yours plans regularly and will expect you to too.  The magic happens, being able to visit revisit your life plan, editing as and when. This will help you to focus your mind.

Action or lack of, by keeping a journal you create accountability. Once you start, a journal will prove to be a valuable and resourceful asset.

Live life at the Peak. Peak Life

How to stop the Addiction of Worry


For most, if not all us, the starting point is the belief in one’s self. Getting things done requires the will of self, self will-power or so we have been lead to believe.

In present times, willpower is an essential characteristic, particularly if one is to have it all. For arguments sake, let us accept as fact; the brain we have we under use.

At a conscious level, we see and we react. We respond to life, as it appears to be. The world in its various states of poverty, death, destruction, illness etc.  it is a world full with endless limitation.  It is against this backdrop that the conscious mind struggles, struggles to make sense of it, struggles to survive in it.

It is senseless to suggest that images do not have a significant impact on our senses particularly the emotions. Then, why create them?

Images our impressed on our minds. In other words an impression is imprinted upon the mind.

We must stop telling ourselves, that only some of us are creative. True, some of us are specifically talented when it come to artistic endeavour. But by nature we are creative beings, our often-limited ability to think as well as act, is a creative process. Tapping into the super conscious mind really enables this creativity. A few years ago Rhonda Byrne wrote a book called “The secret.” Upon reading it, it would change the reader and the reader would change their lives and maybe the world too. The reality, for most of us, the secret remained a secret. It was, one of the truly great marketing phenomenons of our time.

Are we not or have we not all been addicted to something.

To avoid pitfalls of worry such as depression, mental illness and above all suicide. One must be discerning and open-minded. The founders of Alcoholics Anonymous discovered this years ago. The success of AA is beyond remarkable. Are we not or have we not all been addicted to something.

Worry, is just another addiction. Before reading their 12-step programme, I always sensed a worldly disdain. Here is why. It is founded upon the accepting principles of powerlessness and surrender, both of which require the disavowal of ones self. It prescribes the acknowledgment of a greater or higher power. May be, they knew it back then or may be not. What they accessed was the super conscious mind.

Addicts struggle have with the programme, inclusive of the eventually successful ones. But here is the nub, the paradox. By giving up control you gain control. And isn’t that what you want. Isn’t it?

The Peak Life!



A response to worry

With the complexity of human design, we are not designed to be anxious.

Then why is it, that one can seemingly have it all together one minute; with much to look forward to, yet within less than a night’s sleep, be awoken by the futile process of worrying.

Futile, because collective experiences of worrying provides no elucidation.  Moreover, the body gives us inward and outward signs that worrying is not beneficial.

When I was about nineteen or twenty years old; inexplicably I began to worry. No amount of introspection would reveal to the reason for neither condition nor state. Both inwardly and outwardly, the feelings I experienced were intense, to the extent that my hair began to fall out.

As I began to observe this physical response to worry, my nature instinctively reacted. By nature I mean, my strong will to live. I also recognised the partial control I had and that the proportions of that control are impossible for me to determine.

Desperation being my will to live, I acknowledged my limited abilities to control this and all situations.  Without hesitance, I surrendered to a higher power and within 3 days, the symptoms disappeared completely. Some might say that a miracle had occurred.

The experience was my first differentiating the conscious mind from the super conscious.

To be continued… until then Bloom!

The R word…

Commonly, people I have observed nearing retirement appear to embrace wholeheartedly an idea of being free to do nothing. Surprisingly, they are not speaking of lifelong ambitions or long-held goals that they have always wanted to fulfil. Perhaps what this illustrates is how un-fulfilling work is or has been for a great many of us. Work in most cases is restrictive and can be quite oppressive. Bosses and managers, more often than not lead to lead and not to serve. They are on a crusade creating stifling choking atmospheres. Work places, where given the choice the majority would not show up. Of course, this is a general depiction of the experience of work. Nevertheless, I am confident that many would agree work sucked the life out of them encouraging so many of us to look forward to a life of retired apathy.

Work to Live...

On the occasions that I have worked as an employee of organisations, it has often had an adverse impact on my wellbeing. The idea that someone would live to work is an anathema to me. We have all met them, that person whose place of belonging and value is their place of work. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working, particularly if the project excites me. Generally, I would describe myself as hardworking but ultimately the bottom line is, work to live, not live to work.


A free spirit at the core, struggled to be part of the institutional mainstream. Then I found freedom in becoming a freelancer. A hired gun so to speak. With that freedom also came respect from the people hiring me. Simultaneously, I get to choose whether or not I want to work with them. That was the subtle difference. Technically, I work for them but because of the set time factor, we each know that it is in our joint interests to make the relationship fruitful. I’ve been a freelancer for years. The work freedoms I have enjoyed for many years I believe is the reason I am unwilling to either believe in or embrace the idea of retirement. Personalities tests are trending again, the usefulness of which can be argued. From a personal standpoint, gaining a greater awareness of my personality and strengths gave me knowledge and that knowledge gave me freedom.

Until next time, keep blooming!

Comfort Eating

Welcome to Peak Life blog No.2 where I write about healthy ageing.

A Right Relationship with Food

We manage so many aspects of our lives, and yet food intake seems to be an area we neglect to recognise requires management too. Over eaters will probably not sympathise with me when I say I use to under eat. Ignoring, the plainly obvious signs of hunger, soldiering on through each day until time would allow me to eat. Clearly, now I can see it but back then… Very early on, working life involved meeting deadlines. Overworked and underpaid.  What followed was years of hard wiring where time was the governing force of any day all day long. Today, I realise, Head Office is doing much the same thing although this is, supposed to be a far less stressful place. Perhaps, being an Attorney necessitates going against one’s nature. In future, I must ensure to lunch with HQ two or three times a week.

Like many households, I grew up in one with many financial challenges. Everything was about attitude. If you do not want to remain experiencing lack… The first thing you must transform is your mind. My nurse consciously kept her children healthy making sure we remained healthy. House menus, were in place and remained in place changing every month or so. “It was not a hotel” the constant reminder. Human beings by our very nature are very selfish. As humans we must be continually, teaching, learning and training. An attitude of gratitude does not come to us naturally. Without fully appreciating it at the time, we ate extremely well. Nurse, did not have time to prepare freshly cooked meals everyday. Therefore, whatever the main meal, it or a variation would have to stretch three days. An entirely fresh meal would be prepared on the fourth day.

No doubt, each of us will have our own individual relationships with food. Critically, dependent on our upbringing our relationships will vary widely. I believe our biggest problem with food in the Western World is our interpretation of food. Food in our home was a valuable commodity. We were reminded repeatedly how fortunate  we were, to be able to have a meal.

A right relationship with food, is not to see food as a treat. As children, the nurse showed us that food was our fuel, a necessity. Fortunately her culinary skills meant more often than not, we were able to enjoy and be comforted.

Until next time, let us Keep Blooming…