Monday Motivation (Selling myself short)

Further reading of Bruce D Schneider’s book Energy Leadership reminded me of one my most horrid working experiences.

My Monday motivation, don’t sell yourself short.

If you do, you may find yourself in the darkest of places.

Despite all the warnings given to me. I pushed open the door of an organisation where the reality was much worse than the nightmare. I had experienced the exposure of poor management previously but nothing as terse. Morale was so low staff had already before my arrival perfected the theory of less is less.

Early on, I received praise and acknowledgement for my work.  Singled handed, I had done in weeks what had not been in years. The honeymoon was short.  An ineffective manager was fostered upon me and everything started quickly down hill.

In retrospect the spitefulness of my manager was no less than I should have expected. The leader of the organisation, sensing my misunderstanding of how things were done. Explained that I should have no expectations.  This was all the more difficult to swallow since the organisation works with very vulnerable young people.

This is type of management and organisation Schneider describes in his book as Catabolic. Where the leadership controls by pushing and pulling, delegates fully (and then points and blames). Gives information without justification or buy-in, self assesses, emotionally disconnects, takes advantage of staff…

It’s my fault. During this period, my health suffered and I lost my anabolic energy – the ability to encourage, to be future focused, to see opportunities etc.

The price for selling myself short was very high, but I learned that as long as I work hard, smart and stay aligned, absolutely nothing can stop my journey.

Have a fantastic week, living at your peak.


You Are Not Alone

Happy Friday everyone! April 27th and the last Friday of the month. Can you believe it, May is upon us.

Although I haven’t been in earshot of either of these buzz words recently, I am pretty sure you’ve experienced the felling of ‘Am I the only one syndrome’

The words buzz words I’m referring to are, community and tribe.

In my recent post, How To Start Your Day; I mentioned the importance of energy. I must confess my views are often my own. I work a lot from intuition, one of my key strengths. Imagine how pleased I was to see sitting on my friend Janette’s bookshelf Bruce D Schneider’s book Energy Leadership (Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life from the Core).

This guy has produced a whole concept and theory on the subject. I’m ferociously devouring his work and will share with you over the coming days and weeks. In the meantime the ISBN 978-0-47018636-7

This past week has been about continued alignment towards my desired destination. I’m doing what I can to limit the word goal. Embracing Schneider’s theory, there are no problems, no challenges – only opportunities. Setting goals to me seems challenging.

And then there was Justin Scott Campbell’s interview with activist and author Adrienne Maree Brown featured on Longreads. Here on the WordPress platform.

In my ignorance I had never heard the term “flocking” described by Brown “how do we stay the right distance apart and the right distance in touch with each other in order to actually move together as a unit and stay alive and make it as far as we can.” 

Isn’t that beautiful, whether we acknowledge it or not we’re all connected. Whether we know each other or not this is a community and I am finding my tribe.

Have a fantastic weekend.

The Peak Life.