In at the Deep End

Part One...

Life has a funny way of giving me what I want when I least expect it. I have been too exhausted to blog this week. I’ll explain why.  Read on…

As a little African Caribbean boy, I became aware of being good at land sports.  My teacher’s realised this too, and so I found myself competing at an early age, both with and against older boys. The pros, increased popularity, the cons, the sense of displacement, struggling to fit in with your peers but also not fitting in with the older crowd.  Just as my heroes Muhammad Ali and Pelè my sporting ability would be the catalyst for my personal growth.  The politics of the time fuled a great deal of my energy and although from my perspective, I don’t beleive I was ever arrogant (I was probably challenging for one so young) and generally people liked me as their regard at the time felt genuine.

Today, they might be recognised as the senior leadership team, those responsible for running my old junior school in a tiny little corner of north London.  Those men and women were ahead of their time.  They were very media savvy even back then.  These were the days the of the local press and every advantage was taken to ensure a positive reflection of  individual and collective achievements at the school.  Kids who did not attend my junior school, always thought that we thought we were special, but we were not the ones responsible for creating this reality.  That was down to, a mostly caring staff, working in partnership with our parents and guardians.  Sad to say, some kids at the school did not experience this profound sense of care.  They were the one’s who suffered degrees of neglect and unfortunately being exposed to a loving caring environment seem to bring out the worst in them.  They were the one’s who later went on to solvent abuse etc.

I digress.  Most athletes have an Achilles heel, for me that was the odd hater and the swimming pool.  Although, school was a loving caring environment, home had it challenges, namely my stepfather.  Sleep was my way of escaping his negative, spiteful nature and energy.  One night while sleeping, I fell asleep so deep to escape that I experienced what was later described as an epileptic fit.  Rushed to hospital in semiconscious state, then later prescribed medication, which I took for about the next 3 years.

Once the school were informed of this traumatic incident, the first action they took, was to ban my little ass from swimming.  By the second summer of my enforced exhile from the swimming pool, frustration really started to set in.  Living a short distance from the local Lido, on a late summer morning, I set off to meet some friends at the Lido.  Friends, I use that word cautiously.  Anyhow, on this day I manage to place myself in a place of vulnerability where water and my haters happen to be.  Someone, from among the so called friends decided to push me into the deep end.  I remember struggling for a brief moment but I knew this was not my time to die.  I survived but more importantly no long-term pyschological damage was done.

Flash forward some fifty plus years.  Recently I learned to swim, not at Olympic level but I am able to experience the exhilaration that swimming offers.  If that were not enough I have been offered the opportunity to become an accredited Aqautic Exercise Instructor.  The training and learning started in earnest this week.  This time I am back in the deep end because I want to be.  This journey entitled In At The Deep End will be the theme of my future blogs.  I am not sure if I have created an oxymoron, but this is Peak Life in at the deep end.

Peak Life…


Are You Dead or Alive?

A Blank Space

Right off the bat, I admit that I am not the biggest social media fan. A lot of the time, it feels to me, social media encourages us to be disingenuous. Far from keeping it real, the social media space, often times just that, a space, a blank.  A space where people can pretend, pretend that they have it all figured out, a place where much less than 20% actually take action of any sort.

What makes You tick

Today, I am aware and know how to better use my mind.  I have always loved asking the challenging questions, not to pry.  It’s always from a place of genuine interest.  I want to know what makes people tick, that’s if they are ticking at all. Sometimes, my big personality can be challenging to others and I get that. I am not the guy who will call to have an idle chit-chat, that’s just not me but I am the guy with whom to have meaningful conversations.  That’s why I love coaching.

A Motto by which you live...

Eight years ago, I created a Facebook group because I wanted to know the types of principles by which my family and friends were living their lives by.  So I asked them to post: A motto by which you live your life…  then I looked at some of the profiles of the friends who joined the group. One person in particular’s self description blew me away but not in a good way.  The self description is so unflattering, it bears no resemblance to the person I have experienced. The disconnect here was so alarming, it lead me to take action by bringing the inaccuracy and falsehood to their attention.

Conscious or unconscious

That’s why I ask, are you dead or alive. Are you unconsciously existing in the default position of survival.  Not living your life purposes (plural) or are you living, consciously aware, being who you were created to be.  Imagine being knocked unconscious for several minutes and you are asked to recall the past several minutes. For those brief moments you were as good as dead.  Well that’s how most of us live, unconscious of who we are or where we are etc.

Dead or Alive

To change this situation, spend less time on your cell phone, less time on social media, less time watching the so called news and listen to podcasts like Dana Wilde’s the Mind Aware Show on iTunes.  If you’ve never heard of her, Dana is all about retraining and training the brain. Whether you know it or not, the one constant is change and you and I should be constantly in a flow of change, a better description would alignment. It’s time, it’s time to figure out why you are here if you haven’t already. So are you…

Have a fantastic weekend!

Peak Life.





+ 1/Plus one

Welcome to Plus 1/+1.

Recommend Wednesday! The edition of my blog, recommending blogger’s who are an inspration and encouragement.

First up, Justin Scott Campbell, 27,741,527 followers, +1

A worthwhile long read is JSC’s interview with social activist, facilitator, author and fiction writer, Adrienne Maree Brown.

Brown has written two books, Octavia’s Brood, her latest Emergent Strategy.  Even in transcript form, this interview is so well crafted, podcast’s could learn a thing or two.

Just as it should be, Justin makes Brown the heart of the interview.  This reader could sense, her wanting to make this world a better place. From her activist beginnings, her involvement with the Harm Reduction Coalition, to raise awareness of “drug and sex patterns”  After which, she became a skilled facilitator, helping to start-up other activist groups.

Brown appears to have a discerning energy, with clarion observations of America and its global influence. Including an analysis of how people treat each other generally.  The interview is intoxicating, invigorating.

I love this blog. A timely read.

We all need encouragement, to conduct with regularity our own introspective inventories.  In this blog, this interview, Brown via Campbell, is able to convey that.  As time permits, I look forwad to reading, English professor Justin Scott Campbell’s past blogs.

I’ll also so be ordering Brown’s books. Despite the gulf in year, a kindred spirit, I have me found. She gives me hope, that in my life time, the world will be a better place.

Thank you, Professor Campbell.

Likes 72, + 1


How to start your day

Distractions, distractions, distractions. The noise is silent, so how do you know what should get your attention.

Intention, intention, your intention at the start of the day will set the tone of your day.  It will also likely determine the abundance level for the day.

Routine is key. Can’t understand why routine gets such a bad rap.  A routine limits chaos and acts as a bookmark should your day not go to plan.


Everyday has a beginning, middle and end. At some point at the beginning of the day you will need to be in top gear, before switching through the remaining gears. Before repeating the process, middle and end. Energy quality will dictate your outcomes, your abundance level.

How you start your day is so important

How you start your day is so important.  Typically, I begin the day the same way I ended the previous day, with a glass of water. This is to, not only replenish the body but to activate the digestive system. Then I do some reading and after that, I journal. This can take anywhere from twenty to forty minutes, depending on the level of inspiration I receive. After r&l,  plus reviewing the previous day.  I quiet my mind!

The only contact

At this point, the only electrical equipment I’ve had contact with, are my toothbrush and the fridge. Deliberately, I keep away from phone, email and social media.

Set YOUR intention

After journal entries, I practice Yoga for about forty minutes, yoga nourishes my intention process.  For me the physical, variety, and  pace of yoga, make it ideal for intention for daily intention setting.

Social Media weaning

I have significantly reduced my Facebook engagement and social media generally. By doing so, I am improving my alertness and better positioned to receive my expectations of abundance. Set your intentions, not that of social media.

Until next time, Peak Life.

I am a big believer in supplements to aid healthier living and will write about on this in the near future.

How to succeed more

In an age, when people find reading or writing is too hard and the rigorous life is seldom opted for. Among the secrets of the honestly successful person, is the keeping of  journals.

We remember what we write

It’s that simple! We remember what we write. To journal, consider it your life’s script. Best of all, you can edit it.

Invest in your life

Let’s just imagine that the universe is a bank. Just as any bank, it requires us to produce and present a business plan.  The essence of your plan will be the stuff you presently not recording, wasting away in the ether.  Remember your dealing with the universe so flexibility can be key.  That doesn’t mean you should expect the bank/universe to accept your plans at first sight?  The universe will look at yours plans regularly and will expect you to too.  The magic happens, being able to visit revisit your life plan, editing as and when. This will help you to focus your mind.

Action or lack of, by keeping a journal you create accountability. Once you start, a journal will prove to be a valuable and resourceful asset.

Live life at the Peak. Peak Life

A response to worry

With the complexity of human design, we are not designed to be anxious.

Then why is it, that one can seemingly have it all together one minute; with much to look forward to, yet within less than a night’s sleep, be awoken by the futile process of worrying.

Futile, because collective experiences of worrying provides no elucidation.  Moreover, the body gives us inward and outward signs that worrying is not beneficial.

When I was about nineteen or twenty years old; inexplicably I began to worry. No amount of introspection would reveal to the reason for neither condition nor state. Both inwardly and outwardly, the feelings I experienced were intense, to the extent that my hair began to fall out.

As I began to observe this physical response to worry, my nature instinctively reacted. By nature I mean, my strong will to live. I also recognised the partial control I had and that the proportions of that control are impossible for me to determine.

Desperation being my will to live, I acknowledged my limited abilities to control this and all situations.  Without hesitance, I surrendered to a higher power and within 3 days, the symptoms disappeared completely. Some might say that a miracle had occurred.

The experience was my first differentiating the conscious mind from the super conscious.

To be continued… until then Bloom!

The R word…

Commonly, people I have observed nearing retirement appear to embrace wholeheartedly an idea of being free to do nothing. Surprisingly, they are not speaking of lifelong ambitions or long-held goals that they have always wanted to fulfil. Perhaps what this illustrates is how un-fulfilling work is or has been for a great many of us. Work in most cases is restrictive and can be quite oppressive. Bosses and managers, more often than not lead to lead and not to serve. They are on a crusade creating stifling choking atmospheres. Work places, where given the choice the majority would not show up. Of course, this is a general depiction of the experience of work. Nevertheless, I am confident that many would agree work sucked the life out of them encouraging so many of us to look forward to a life of retired apathy.

Work to Live...

On the occasions that I have worked as an employee of organisations, it has often had an adverse impact on my wellbeing. The idea that someone would live to work is an anathema to me. We have all met them, that person whose place of belonging and value is their place of work. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working, particularly if the project excites me. Generally, I would describe myself as hardworking but ultimately the bottom line is, work to live, not live to work.


A free spirit at the core, struggled to be part of the institutional mainstream. Then I found freedom in becoming a freelancer. A hired gun so to speak. With that freedom also came respect from the people hiring me. Simultaneously, I get to choose whether or not I want to work with them. That was the subtle difference. Technically, I work for them but because of the set time factor, we each know that it is in our joint interests to make the relationship fruitful. I’ve been a freelancer for years. The work freedoms I have enjoyed for many years I believe is the reason I am unwilling to either believe in or embrace the idea of retirement. Personalities tests are trending again, the usefulness of which can be argued. From a personal standpoint, gaining a greater awareness of my personality and strengths gave me knowledge and that knowledge gave me freedom.

Until next time, keep blooming!