Are You Dead or Alive?

A Blank Space

Right off the bat, I admit that I am not the biggest social media fan. A lot of the time, it feels to me, social media encourages us to be disingenuous. Far from keeping it real, the social media space, often times just that, a space, a blank.  A space where people can pretend, pretend that they have it all figured out, a place where much less than 20% actually take action of any sort.

What makes You tick

Today, I am aware and know how to better use my mind.  I have always loved asking the challenging questions, not to pry.  It’s always from a place of genuine interest.  I want to know what makes people tick, that’s if they are ticking at all. Sometimes, my big personality can be challenging to others and I get that. I am not the guy who will call to have an idle chit-chat, that’s just not me but I am the guy with whom to have meaningful conversations.  That’s why I love coaching.

A Motto by which you live...

Eight years ago, I created a Facebook group because I wanted to know the types of principles by which my family and friends were living their lives by.  So I asked them to post: A motto by which you live your life…  then I looked at some of the profiles of the friends who joined the group. One person in particular’s self description blew me away but not in a good way.  The self description is so unflattering, it bears no resemblance to the person I have experienced. The disconnect here was so alarming, it lead me to take action by bringing the inaccuracy and falsehood to their attention.

Conscious or unconscious

That’s why I ask, are you dead or alive. Are you unconsciously existing in the default position of survival.  Not living your life purposes (plural) or are you living, consciously aware, being who you were created to be.  Imagine being knocked unconscious for several minutes and you are asked to recall the past several minutes. For those brief moments you were as good as dead.  Well that’s how most of us live, unconscious of who we are or where we are etc.

Dead or Alive

To change this situation, spend less time on your cell phone, less time on social media, less time watching the so called news and listen to podcasts like Dana Wilde’s the Mind Aware Show on iTunes.  If you’ve never heard of her, Dana is all about retraining and training the brain. Whether you know it or not, the one constant is change and you and I should be constantly in a flow of change, a better description would alignment. It’s time, it’s time to figure out why you are here if you haven’t already. So are you…

Have a fantastic weekend!

Peak Life.





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