+1 Plus One

Hi everyone, it’s Recommend Wednesday, a time when I give props to a fellow blogger who in my humble opinion is ‘rocking’ and worth a follow.

This week, the blog I recommend you check out is Navigate My Recovery by Scott Kixmiller.

Scott is a recovering addict who seems to really enjoy writing his blog. This might sound like a funny thing to say, what I like about Scott’s blog is his sincerity. Clearly, he wants to help others, you can tell by the titles of some of his articles such as When Helping Others is Key For Creating More Meaningful Life and Easy Ways To Make Your Life More Meaningful. In the former blog, Scott explains why some wealthy people such as Bill Gates, do for others, having achieved their own personal gaols. Scott also suggests that, retiring can leave us feeling empty and without direction thus quickening the ageing process.

I’ve got a lot to learn from Scott Kixmiller, including ways to make my site is all singing and dancing. On Navigate My Way to Recovery, Scott offers E books plus what I think is a health supplement.

Mark Twain, I think said, the two most important days of your life are, the day you were born and second when you work out the reason why you were born.

Scott, you were born to help others. Thank you! You are this weeks +1

Peak Like


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