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Recommend Wednesday! The edition of my blog, recommending blogger’s who are an inspration and encouragement.

First up, Justin Scott Campbell, 27,741,527 followers, +1

A worthwhile long read is JSC’s interview with social activist, facilitator, author and fiction writer, Adrienne Maree Brown.

Brown has written two books, Octavia’s Brood, her latest Emergent Strategy.  Even in transcript form, this interview is so well crafted, podcast’s could learn a thing or two.

Just as it should be, Justin makes Brown the heart of the interview.  This reader could sense, her wanting to make this world a better place. From her activist beginnings, her involvement with the Harm Reduction Coalition, to raise awareness of “drug and sex patterns”  After which, she became a skilled facilitator, helping to start-up other activist groups.

Brown appears to have a discerning energy, with clarion observations of America and its global influence. Including an analysis of how people treat each other generally.  The interview is intoxicating, invigorating.

I love this blog. A timely read.

We all need encouragement, to conduct with regularity our own introspective inventories.  In this blog, this interview, Brown via Campbell, is able to convey that.  As time permits, I look forwad to reading, English professor Justin Scott Campbell’s past blogs.

I’ll also so be ordering Brown’s books. Despite the gulf in year, a kindred spirit, I have me found. She gives me hope, that in my life time, the world will be a better place.

Thank you, Professor Campbell.

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