How to start your day

Distractions, distractions, distractions. The noise is silent, so how do you know what should get your attention.

Intention, intention, your intention at the start of the day will set the tone of your day.  It will also likely determine the abundance level for the day.

Routine is key. Can’t understand why routine gets such a bad rap.  A routine limits chaos and acts as a bookmark should your day not go to plan.


Everyday has a beginning, middle and end. At some point at the beginning of the day you will need to be in top gear, before switching through the remaining gears. Before repeating the process, middle and end. Energy quality will dictate your outcomes, your abundance level.

How you start your day is so important

How you start your day is so important.  Typically, I begin the day the same way I ended the previous day, with a glass of water. This is to, not only replenish the body but to activate the digestive system. Then I do some reading and after that, I journal. This can take anywhere from twenty to forty minutes, depending on the level of inspiration I receive. After r&l,  plus reviewing the previous day.  I quiet my mind!

The only contact

At this point, the only electrical equipment I’ve had contact with, are my toothbrush and the fridge. Deliberately, I keep away from phone, email and social media.

Set YOUR intention

After journal entries, I practice Yoga for about forty minutes, yoga nourishes my intention process.  For me the physical, variety, and  pace of yoga, make it ideal for intention for daily intention setting.

Social Media weaning

I have significantly reduced my Facebook engagement and social media generally. By doing so, I am improving my alertness and better positioned to receive my expectations of abundance. Set your intentions, not that of social media.

Until next time, Peak Life.

I am a big believer in supplements to aid healthier living and will write about on this in the near future.

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