How to succeed more

In an age, when people find reading or writing is too hard and the rigorous life is seldom opted for. Among the secrets of the honestly successful person, is the keeping of  journals.

We remember what we write

It’s that simple! We remember what we write. To journal, consider it your life’s script. Best of all, you can edit it.

Invest in your life

Let’s just imagine that the universe is a bank. Just as any bank, it requires us to produce and present a business plan.  The essence of your plan will be the stuff you presently not recording, wasting away in the ether.  Remember your dealing with the universe so flexibility can be key.  That doesn’t mean you should expect the bank/universe to accept your plans at first sight?  The universe will look at yours plans regularly and will expect you to too.  The magic happens, being able to visit revisit your life plan, editing as and when. This will help you to focus your mind.

Action or lack of, by keeping a journal you create accountability. Once you start, a journal will prove to be a valuable and resourceful asset.

Live life at the Peak. Peak Life

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