A response to worry

With the complexity of human design, we are not designed to be anxious.

Then why is it, that one can seemingly have it all together one minute; with much to look forward to, yet within less than a night’s sleep, be awoken by the futile process of worrying.

Futile, because collective experiences of worrying provides no elucidation.  Moreover, the body gives us inward and outward signs that worrying is not beneficial.

When I was about nineteen or twenty years old; inexplicably I began to worry. No amount of introspection would reveal to the reason for neither condition nor state. Both inwardly and outwardly, the feelings I experienced were intense, to the extent that my hair began to fall out.

As I began to observe this physical response to worry, my nature instinctively reacted. By nature I mean, my strong will to live. I also recognised the partial control I had and that the proportions of that control are impossible for me to determine.

Desperation being my will to live, I acknowledged my limited abilities to control this and all situations.  Without hesitance, I surrendered to a higher power and within 3 days, the symptoms disappeared completely. Some might say that a miracle had occurred.

The experience was my first differentiating the conscious mind from the super conscious.

To be continued… until then Bloom!

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