Comfort Eating

Welcome to Peak Life blog No.2 where I write about healthy ageing.

A Right Relationship with Food

We manage so many aspects of our lives, and yet food intake seems to be an area we neglect to recognise requires management too. Over eaters will probably not sympathise with me when I say I use to under eat. Ignoring, the plainly obvious signs of hunger, soldiering on through each day until time would allow me to eat. Clearly, now I can see it but back then… Very early on, working life involved meeting deadlines. Overworked and underpaid.  What followed was years of hard wiring where time was the governing force of any day all day long. Today, I realise, Head Office is doing much the same thing although this is, supposed to be a far less stressful place. Perhaps, being an Attorney necessitates going against one’s nature. In future, I must ensure to lunch with HQ two or three times a week.

Like many households, I grew up in one with many financial challenges. Everything was about attitude. If you do not want to remain experiencing lack… The first thing you must transform is your mind. My nurse consciously kept her children healthy making sure we remained healthy. House menus, were in place and remained in place changing every month or so. “It was not a hotel” the constant reminder. Human beings by our very nature are very selfish. As humans we must be continually, teaching, learning and training. An attitude of gratitude does not come to us naturally. Without fully appreciating it at the time, we ate extremely well. Nurse, did not have time to prepare freshly cooked meals everyday. Therefore, whatever the main meal, it or a variation would have to stretch three days. An entirely fresh meal would be prepared on the fourth day.

No doubt, each of us will have our own individual relationships with food. Critically, dependent on our upbringing our relationships will vary widely. I believe our biggest problem with food in the Western World is our interpretation of food. Food in our home was a valuable commodity. We were reminded repeatedly how fortunate  we were, to be able to have a meal.

A right relationship with food, is not to see food as a treat. As children, the nurse showed us that food was our fuel, a necessity. Fortunately her culinary skills meant more often than not, we were able to enjoy and be comforted.

Until next time, let us Keep Blooming…



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